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Quality Dentistry Matters

We exist to provide tools and education so that dental practices can find ways to more efficiently understand dental insurance. Our primary objective is to fight to protect the financial integrity of quality dentistry.

Jordon Comstock and Ben Tuinei are industry leaders in their own respective areas. Both believe that the management of insurance shouldn’t be as difficult as it is for most practices. After traveling the country and speaking at hundreds of dental meetings these gentlemen came across a good number of “insurance specialist” experts who do not have opportunities to share their knowledge about efficient insurance management.

The purpose of this Podcast Series is to invite those who are practicing insurance management, day in and day out, to share their knowledge and provide key solutions on how to tackle the various insurance related issues we all see at the front office. We titled this Podcast series as “Say No to PPO’s” not in a way to promote a boycott of insurance in any fashion. Rather, our intent is to say no to the insurance driven mentality and promote quality care first.

What we mean by this is simply reducing insurance to a tool to pay for some of the patients treatment and not the driving force behind what type of treatment the patients receive. For some of you SayNotoPPOs means stop letting insurance bully you. For a small group of you this may mean becoming fee for service. But we fully recognize that the fee for service model is not feasible for most.  For all, our purpose is to provide education manage insurance functions in a way that allows you to provide quality care by reducing insurance as an obstacle.

Your Hosts

Jordon Comstock
Founder, CEO

Jordon Comstock is the Founder & CEO of BoomCloud Dental Membership Software. He started his career in dentistry over 10 years ago and started BoomCloud in 2014. BoomCloud is a software company that allows dental practice to organize, create and automate an in-house membership program. Jordon has been featured on, DentistryToday and is a monthly content contributor for various dental publications. He has been featured on many well known dental podcasts and has helped hundreds of practices across the nation (and globally) build, maintain and automate successful membership programs.

Ben Tuinei
Founder, CEO
Veritas Dental Resources

Ben Tuinei is the Founder and CEO of Veritas Dental Resources. Mr. Tuinei began his dental career in 2007 while working for a small dental corporation in Phoenix Arizona managing all insurance related functions.  During his first few months, he created systems and operating protocols and restructured a 12 person billing department that improved collections from a  low 65% to 98%.  At the same time, Mr. Tuinei learned how to effectively negotiate with 3rd party payors that gave a boost in annual insurance related revenue of nearly 1 million dollars for a team of only 10 general dentists.



Is this podcast series legal? Kinda sounds like an effort to promote boycotting.

Thank you for visiting our podcast Mr./Mrs./Ms. Insurance executive and/or lawyer. Our focus is efficient insurance management within the dental practice. Too often dentists get bullied around by your attempt to reduce their pay, deny their claims, force alternative benefits even when certain employers pay for certain procedures, not pay for perio treatment when patients do have severe gum disease, forcing dentists to resubmit claims over and over and over and over… all the while there was proof that you did receive the claim, employ delay tactics to ask for “additional information” when the original information submitted with the claim was sufficient to explain and prove the necessity of treatment, attempting to diagnose (this is a big one) and remapping codes because your dental consultants “don’t see it” (of course they wouldn’t, they never saw the patient), telling doctors they are committing fraud or breaking “the law” when no such laws exist to support your claims…

We can go on for a very long time and list a number of unnecessary and unethical action insurance has imposed on honest and hard working dentists. The purpose of this podcast is to allow any expert in the dental industry to speak out and provide solutions on how to better shovel the manure you send them each day. You may not know this but your manure stinks! And it’s hard to focus on quality clinical dentistry when the stench of your manure smears the dental practice. So no, this is not a boycott. This is an attempt to provide and find education solutions to deal with your doodoo. Not ours! Our doodoo stinks too but we know where to flush it.

If you have any other questions please contact the sanitation department.