Insurance Anonymous Event – October 23rd 2020

Is dental insurance dominating your practice?  Is holding out on participation costing you patients?
What if you could find some middle ground and a way to provide the patient care that meets your standards.  What if dental insurance was just a small piece of the practice growth equation.
Discover best practices in new patient acquisition and case acceptanceinsurance participation, and developing in-house plans.  In this highly actionable session, Ben, Jordon, and Genevieve share approaches and systems that will help you assess and develop a more healthy balance with dental insurance participation.

What you will learn


Genevieve Poppe

Many dental practices struggle to implement the necessary change to achieve the results they are looking for.   Genevieve Poppe has a unique understanding of what it takes to help dentists achieve their practice vision.   Her experience as an owner and manager of a seven-practice affiliate group refined Genevieve’s process and approach to practice growth and management.  Her ability to develop strong dental teams with excellent patient connection and communication skills keeps her in high demand.

From dental assistant to practice owner, Genevieve brings a unique perspective and real-world experience in all aspects of dentistry.  Prior to speaking and consulting, Genevieve co-founded an affiliate group where she architected and facilitated numerous practice acquisitions and transitions.  From practice startup to transition, Genevieve has the skills and knowledge to implement systems for business and team success.

As a speaker and consultant, clients and teams find Genevieve relatable and knowledgeable.  Her presentations are engaging, relevant, and meaty with immediately applicable content.


Jordon Comstock

Jordon Comstock has been in the dental industry for over 10 Years. He started out managing his family’s dental lab in Salt lake City, Utah. Jordon Studied Business, Marketing, UX/UI design at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City. As he was managing the lab, he built a sales and marketing department from scratch and helped grow its revenue by 165%. He also oversaw the financial department and helped create systems and reporting to help the company understand the numbers.

Jordon was introduced to the concept of an in-house membership program by some of the lab’s clients. Jordon has always been an entrepreneur since an early age and has started 4 different start up companies. He became curious about how practices were managing a membership program. He quickly realized that practices needed a system to manage a program and began sketching out the initial design for BoomCloud in 2013.

Jordon is the founder and CEO of BoomCloud. BoomCloud exists to help dental practices create, organize, track and automate an in-house membership program as a strategy to reduce dependence on dental insurance. Jordon started his career in the dental industry managing a dental lab over 10 years ago and soon realized the need for our industry to create membership programs. He studied UX/UI design, web development and marketing at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City. Jordon is also the founder of RocketFire, a turn key website solution for dental practices.


Ben Tuinei

3rd party payor negotiating, more specifically Dental Insurance Fee Negotiations, is still a foreign concept to dentists nationwide, and worldwide. Mr. Tuinei has spent the last 10 years improving and perfecting this relatively new effort in the Dental Business world and will be sharing a few secrets about how to effectively negotiate better fees with dental insurance companies in his lecture “3rd Party Payor Fee Negotiations”.

Mr. Tuinei began his dental career in 2007 while working for a small dental corporation in Phoenix Arizona managing all insurance related functions. He was hired as the Executive Director of 3rd Party Payor Operations. During his first few months, he created systems and operating protocols and restructured a 12 person billing department that improved collections from a  low 65% to 98%.  At the same time, Mr. Tuinei learned how to effectively negotiate with 3rd party payors that gave a boost in annual insurance related revenue of nearly 1 million dollars for a team of only 10 general dentists. Mr. Tuinei’s early experience in negotiating with 3rd party payors caught the attention of other large group practices and hundreds of solo dental practitioners in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Colorado.  Consequently, he unintentionally discovered an under-served section of the dental industry: 3rd party payor negotiating (aka insurance fee negotiating).  Mr. Tuinei opened Optimum Dental Solutions in September 2009 to serve the needs of dentists who were actively seeking assistance in improving their insurance reimbursements. In 2015 Optimum Dental Solutions was rebranded to Veritas Dental Resources. Veritas stands for truth and is a core value you will not find while dealing with dental insurance directly.

Full Day of Education

We will be educating practices from 8:00am to 3:00pm. Come, grow and learn strategies for your practice.

Grow your practice

Learn how you can grow revenues to your practice by negotiating with PPO providers, Growing an in-house membership program and know how to over come patient objections to increase case acceptance!


9:00-11:00 am Ben – Topic/learning objective bullets
Break – Q&A
11:30 -12:30pm Jordon – Topic/learning objective bullets
Break – Q&A
1:00-3:00pm Genevieve – Topic/learning objective bullets
Break Q&A
3:30-4:00 pm Full Panel Q&A

Learn to control insurance; don’t let it control you with Ben Tuinei

In a day and age where insurance carriers have employed a number of tactics to force dental offices and patients to adhere to their standards, our goal is to teach you to reverse the trend by teaching you how to control insurance. From fee negotiations to key coding issues to reducing time spent on insurance administration, you will walk away with the knowledge and a sense of empowerment to win the insurance battles you engage in every day.

 What you will learn:

  • How to negotiate fees with insurance carriers
  • An effective claims appeal process
  • How to reduce time spent on insurance administration
  • Common coding mistakes made by dental practices in Utah

Decrease your insurance dependence through in-house plans with Jordon Comstock

55% of Americans don’t have dental insurance. Why compete for the same patients as the dentist down the street? Learn how to tap into this market and phase out the insurance companies that seek to decrease the value of your services by creating and growing a successful membership program. We will discuss the benefits of predictable recurring revenue, patient loyalty through a membership program, marketing strategies that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring revenue.

What you will learn:

  • Decrease dependence on dental insurance
  • How to create a successful membership plan
  • Build a loyal patient base
  • Generate recurring revenue
  • Increase case acceptence
  • Attract new uninsured patients to your practice
  • Increase the value of your practice

Overcome insurance and financial objections with Genevieve Poppe

“Do You Take My Insurance?”  Each new patient inquiry represents the potential for practice growth, even the “price shoppers”.   The lifetime value of a single missed opportunity can cost the practice thousands of dollars.   Discover techniques to shift your mindset, embrace the inevitable questions, and gain confidence in converting new patient leads and gaining more case acceptance, and consider if your policies are creating roadblocks in your practice.  Explore the simple, proven steps that allow unscripted, authentic patient interactions.
What you will learn:
  • List and define the steps for converting calls and inquires to new patients
  • Describe practices that raise unnecessary barriers and obstacles to case acceptance
  • Define techniques for presenting care recommendations that increase case acceptance

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We look forward to seeing you at this event and are excited to teach you and your team about negotiating with dental insurance, creating and growing membership programs and improving your verbal skills to help increase case acceptance.

Where is the event located?


How long is the event?

One full day

Who is the event for?

Doctors and front office.

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