The Purpose of the Say No to PPOs is not an effort to boycott dental insurance. Rather, our purpose is to help you find solutions as you navigate the murky waters of dental insurance. Our show hosts are Jordon Comstock and Ben Tuinei.




Jordon Comstock is the founder of BoomCloud Apps, a software company that allows dental offices to accept payments via there websites and create in-house membership programs. Jordon also owns RocketFire, which gives dental office a small team of web designers for an affordable subscription. Contact him today at (801) 753-8586 or


Ben Tuinei is the founder of Veritas Dental Resources, an Insurance Fee Negotiating Firm serving dentist in the United States of America. Mr Tuinei is an active speaker in the dental industry and admired by dentist accross the country as a true advocate for dentist. Veritas stands for truth and Mr. Tuinei understands that many dentist do not get the truth when dealing with insurance carriers. He and his firm exist to help you find answers to the toughest of insurance related challenges and to help you find the truth as you navigate the complexities of dental insurance. Contact him today at 912-226-2636 or