Alan Hollander began consulting healthcare professionals as an individual in 1985. Nine years later, with a team of over 50 and a roster of thousands of clients, the company had become one of the largest healthcare consulting entities in the US. Alan sold the company in 1995.


Alan then developed Practice Optimizerâ„¢ an online suite of services with over 2000 pages of practice management content and material. These were licensed to Enserve of Houston, TX and became a valuable part of their online array of resources for over 20,000 doctors in the US. The international medical waste company, Stericycle, then acquired Enserve in 2010.


Alan has taught and lectured on every facet of practice management, from executive skills and personnel management to the effective selling of treatment and development of new patient flow. He has done presentations in all of the 50 states and every major city in Canada. Alan is a graduate of Hofstra University and New York University.


During this episode Alan discusses eliminating the insurance driven mentality during case presentation. It is no secret that insurance has crept in and taken over treatment conversations and that can often not serve the best interest of patients. A good example is an onlay. When patients need treatment that is something between a filling and a crown and onlay may be the best form of treatment. But because dental insurance does not cover onlays patients end up receiving alternative treatment dictated by their insurance that may be more aggressive than conservative options. Each doctor has their own opinion on how to handle the clinical aspect of these cases but what rings true among most is that insurance can interfering with the appropriate care the patients may need. This episode is to provide some insight on how to overcome the insurance driven mentality.