Tessina Barney is a high powered dental office manager in Salem Utah. She assists in managing the Utah Chapter of the Academy of Dental Office Managers (UDOLLS). Tessina explains her experience in policing unethical and illegal insurance practices by a particularly large national insurance carrier. In this day and age when insurance carriers tend to make up their own rules many dental practices feel hopeless and helpless. When insurance tells you to write-off hard earned money many feel lost in getting insurance carriers to comply with the same rules as you do. If you can’t up-code why do insurance carriers get away with down-coding? This interview will open your eyes to new opportunities in policing unethical and illegal practices by insurance carriers. It’s time more offices take action in intelligently fighting insurance carriers in battles you can win!

If you wish to speak with Tessina or chat with her about potential opportunities to help police unethical practices please send an email to help@veritasdentalresources.com.