First of all, Quality Care matters! We believe dental insurance was an inspired effort to encourage the public to seek dental care and receive routine preventative care. Unfortunately, dental insurance has become increasingly difficult to manage within the dental practice. Too often do we submit clean claims that get denied over and over again with no legitimate cause or reason. Many dentist feel like insurance carriers are inserting themselves in the diagnostic process and redefine treatment for patients for reasons that may only benefit an insurance carrier. A good example is when insurance carriers deny scaling and root planing because they there is not enough evidence of gum disease or other indications for perio. Even when you submit images, x-rays, perio charting, narratives, and any other items to support your diagnosis claims continue to get denied. Sometimes insurance carriers will report that they do not see what you are seeing and yet they haven’t examined the patient themselves in person. Of course they are not going to see what you see! But if you turn around and perform a prophy on that same patient you get sued for malpractice as that, in essence, is what insurance carriers are insinuating you should be providing the patient anyway. A prophy instead of SRP or perio maintenance. What a joke! It’s time for a change as this type of business practice needs to exit healthcare in general.

For years we’ve explored every opportunity to replace dental insurance for the sake of protecting the financial integrity of quality care. This year, we’ve found it!

The purpose of this episode is to spread the awareness about an insurance replacement program that is designed to reward Quality Dentistry in a way Quality Dentistry needs to be rewarded. We are all fed up with the abuse from dental insurance and quite frankly, we do not believe dental insurance cares about quality care measures. They certainly do not care about what it cost to deliver quality care. It is our mission to engage and promote services that will help dentist protect the financial integrity of quality care and we found a program that will allow dentist across the country to do so.

Please indulge in this podcast to learn the following:

*How we can reduce and replace dental insurance in your practice
*How we can influence an increase in revenue by 300 to 600 percent
*How overhead can be significantly reduced by eliminating or reducing the need to handle insurance
*How our insurance replacement program will allow you to better protect quality dentistry

Thank you for listening and cheers to brighter days ahead of us!

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