The Revolution is here folks! Imagine a future that reduces the need for you to submit claims. Imagine a future where you don’t have to be on hold for hours each day to fight claims. For years many though that such a future doesn’t exist. Many even argue that the DSO model is the way of the future as solo practitioners simply cannot keep up with the risking cost to deliver dentistry combined with the stagnant reimbursement rates set by insurance carriers. Then there are those who warn that quality care will be redefined to a lower standard as the quality of dental services will mirror what insurers and other 3rd party payors are willing to compensate dentist. While such a future may still be possible for some, we believe that those who take action today will find a way to protect the financial integrity of care in a great way. We believe the solo practitioner model will continue to thrive! We believe dentistry has a bright future! We believe that the future of dentistry does not need to be as dependent on dental insurance as it has become over the last 10 years. We believe there is a better way than the flawed claims processing system we are currently dealing with. Simply stated, we believe we found the solution to fully protect the financial integrity of quality care and it does not involve insurance. We invite you to listen to this webinar and we also invite you to get involved.

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Ben Tuinei and Jordon Comstock