Lorraine Guth started out as a dental assistant at the age of 17. Although her job consisted of the “dirty work” like cleaning out suction, plaster traps and dip tanks, she quickly fell in love with dentistry. After shifting into administrative roles, she spent time helping people make potentially life-altering decisions about their care and realized something was missing. She observed a disconnect between practitioners and patients that was causing patients with serious issues to forego treatments they desperately needed due to financial concerns. Lorraine knew there had to be a better way to handle those conversations.
In {year}, Lorraine had the opportunity to work with Dr. Carl Jenkins. After just two days of working with Lorraine, Dr. Jenkins was so overwhelmed by the results she was able to produce in his practice that he referred her to 100 dentists in one day! And with that show of confidence and validation of her methods, Guth Dental Consulting was born. Though she had already considered shifting into speaking and consulting “someday”, his enthusiastic endorsement gave her the “push” she needed to share her expertise at a whole new level.
Her company is known for:
· Achieve results-driven new client calls

· Improve the office experience for your clients

· Improve communication among you and your team using straightforward feedback

· Achieve treatment compliance

· Monitor your progress in an ongoing way

· Turn potential clients into YOUR clients for life

During this Episode we discuss how first impressions impact patients decisions to accept treatment plans. Lorraine also gives her take on the insurance driven mentality and how you can avoid or eliminate unnecessary insurance discussions.

To contact Lorraine directly you can reach her at lorraine@guthdentalconsulting.com or her office at 636-273-9500.