As CEO of Dental Intelligence, Weston oversees the strategic direction of the company and its products. He manages Dental Intelligence’s revenue growth and future expansion plans. He also dedicates a large part of his time to be intimately involved with our clients, the dentists, to fully understand their needs, wants and experience with Dental Intelligence’s products and solutions.

Weston has spent the previous 10 years as the principal partner in Lunsford Peck Certified Public Accountants providing services for medical and dental professionals with nearly 2,000 clients. Weston’s vision and desire to create value has emanated passion throughout the company.

During this episode Weston explains data analytics in dental but also talks about important numbers to follow when you drop insurance plans. While our podcast is not intended to promote insurance boycotting we recognize that many doctors are better off being out of network. This episode will provide some feedback about how a certain client of Weston was successfully able to drop insurance plans and achieve the goal of working less for more.

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