Angie has been in dentistry for 31 yrs. She is President and co-founder of UDOLLS (Utah Dental Office Leaders Learning) in 2012 to share the things she has learned over the years with more dental colleagues. She started her career as a dental assistant in 1985. She assisted for 12 yrs, and then moved to the front office. She became a lifetime member of AADOM (American Association of Dental Office Mangers) in 2009, and an AADOM ambassador in 2014. Which has given her amazing opportunities to grow and learn so many things about dentistry, business and life. She is eager to bring all of the
resources available to all of us in each and every dental office.
Angie has helped multiple office over the years and decided she wanted to be able to share the many things to make running an office easier with more people. She is now consulting and coaching offices full time. Her business is Wisdom Advisors.

Angie lives in Spanish Fork, Utah with her husband, two children and their dog “Giz”.

In this episode Angie address AR and scheduling issues that harm dental offices. She provides great tips on solving both issues.

To contact Angie you can call her text her at 801-361-9222 or send her an email at