Brad Petersen is the CEO of Sharp Edge Marketing Group, an leading marketing firm that helps dentists maximize their strategic and financial goals by proactively monitoring and managing their patient base. Sharp Edge’s 12-month marketing plans include best-in-class lead generation and conversion strategies, real-time analytics and ongoing training and education.

Petersen has led companies, non-profits, government agencies, and individuals to maximize their potential for more than 20-years. In 2012 Petersen was recruited from the private sector to be appointed by the Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert, to start a new government agency that has since been recreated in five other states, facilitated acquisitions for the Intel Corporation, and founded and sold his own company. You can reach Brad at or by visiting

Rob Bay is the Chief Sales Officer for Dental Intel. Rob is responsible for expanding Dental Intelligence’s technology solutions into the corporate dentistry sector and international markets. Rob loves numbers and data. There is nothing that he loves more than helping a customer understand how numbers and data can change their life significantly for the better. He has spent his entire career growing successful technology businesses including within Telecom, Managed Services, Outsourcing and Saas. He has a proven track record of success and is able to capitalize on new opportunities, avenues and verticals for continued growth. Rob always has a brain teaser to share and when not working he likely is watching his children dance or play soccer. He also enjoys canyoneering, hiking and backpacking. You can reach Rob at and check out Denta lntel at
During this episode Brad and Rob talk about where the dental industry is with marketing and where it is heading. For offices looking to join or drop PPO’s Brad talks about key marketing strategies that may affect your PPO game plan. Rob addresses key analytics numbers you should know about when analyzing effective marketing strategies.