Tessina Barney is our first repeat offender. If you go back to Episode 5 you can listen to her explain how she polices illegal and unethical practices by insurance carriers. During this episode, Tessina explains the basics of Primary and Secondary Insurance. She also explains her system of COB (coordination of benefits). Tessina also talks about strategic ways to get claims paid the first time around and outlines what you need to know about billing for crowns, onlays, composites, and other dental services. We learn from Tessina that collecting money from patients is a relationship game and she shares great stories of collecting money from patients who were in bankruptcy proceedings. Patients pay Tessina before other bills because of the relationship Tessina built with them.

To contact Tessina with more questions you may call her at 702-496-9532 or at tessinabarney@gmail.com. Please be respectful of her time as she has a full time job and is a mother of beautiful children.

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