Gary Kadi is the CEO of Next Level Practice ( Known for his positive contributions to the lives of dentists and dental teams across the globe, Gary Kadi has been a devoted advocate for the whole of the dental community, their families, and their patients for over 19 years.

A speaker, author and researcher, Gary re-energizes, interrupts the status quo, and shares discoveries and interests far beyond helping dentists implement systems and raise their profit margins. He is inspired everyday by the courage and personal successes of dentists and team members with whom he has the privilege of working and getting to know.

During this episode, Gary explains his 5 key ingredients to help dentist get off of the PPO treadmill. After years of studying the reoccurring challenges of team, finance, and patient issues facing dentists for years he had a breakthrough. It came in understanding the business model dentists were fighting to fix was created by a non-business practitioner who could throw up a shingle and be successful. He discovered the source of getting dentists off the drill, fill and PPO treadmill.

This is an informative webinar filled with tons of great education and information. For those seeking to learn more from Gary please email him at or call him at 212-388-1712.