Dr. Phelps is a repeat guest of our  podcast by popular vote. He appeared on Episode 12 where he talked about how to grow an in-house membership plan. We do discuss a lot about membership programs during this episode and Dr Phelps also explains the principals of influence. Influence is a powerful tool in any industry. You see what it’s done in politics in recent history but we won’t go there, much! 

You can purchase his book “How to grow your dental membership plan” on Amazon. You can also contact Dr. Phelps at drchrisdmd@gmail.com. You can also check out his websites: www.membershipsavingplan.com or www.calltrackerroi.com, or www.drphelpshelps.com and his most recent website www.GetThemToYes.com and www.GoldenGooseScheduling.com