Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Utah Valley University, an MBA from Thunderbird University, a Master’s in Research Methods from Cranfield University (England), and a PhD from the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship. In addition to starting 2 startups, Chris taught classes in entrepreneurship, marketing, economics, and small business management for 5 years in England and Australia. He currently teaches a class in entrepreneurship and is an Adjunct Faculty Member at Dixie State University.

Chris began working in the dental field in 2011, overseeing the growth of multiple dental practices. He developed operational systems, trainings, and marketing platforms that bring together team members in a professional and fun culture. Chris worked in dental offices for 5 years while refining systems, checklists, marketing plans, and coordinating with doctors, front office, hygienists, and assistants to grow every aspect of the practices. With an extensive background in entrepreneurship education, Chris knows how to grow brands, implement operational systems that bring predictability and scalability, and create fantastic cultures that empower team members.
We invited Chris to appear as a guest on our podcast because we believe that his “Patient Experience” training is needed in both Fee For Service and PPO practices. The patient experience in general is a key ingredient to transitioning from a PPO practice to a fully insurance independent dental office. Chris shares great tips and suggestions on how you can solicit patient referral opportunities by making sure that patients first have a great experience with you and your team.

To learn more form Chris, visit his website You can email Chris at His office number is 435-359-2905.

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