While this is not an insurance related topic we felt that it was important for us to invite a friend and mentor, Dr Howard Farran to our show. During this episode Dr Farran talks about the power of using humor in your presentation. For those who have attended Dr Farran’s live presentations you’ll know he has a unique style of delivery that makes his lectures very fun and engaging.

Howard Farran, DDS MBA is a famous international lecturer on faster, easier, more efficient dentistry. He has captivated audiences around the world with his innovative, informational and entertaining style. In his seminar entitled, “The Virtues of Profitable Dentistry” he gets down to the nitty gritty details of running a thriving family practice. He can show any dental team how they too can achieve their dreams and goals.

Dr. Farran graduated from UMKC dental school in 1987. He earned his MBA from Arizona State University in 1999. He received his MAGD in 1998. He received his Diplomate in the International College of Oral Implantology in 1998.

Dr. Farran has received wide-range recognition, such as being named Alumni of the Year by the University of Missouri in 1997, Arizona Public Health Dentist of the Year Award in 1995 by the Arizona Office of Dental Health, and the Arizona Award in 1989 from the Arizona State Dental Association for outstanding contributions made to the profession of dentistry efforts to fluoridate the water of Phoenix.

Dr. Farran is the founder and publisher of Dentaltown Magazine, which is mailed to more than 120,000 dentists in 43 countries each month. Dr. Farran is also the founder Hygienetown.com, Orthotown.com and the flagship site, Dentaltown.com where more than 140,000 registered dental professionals share information with each other on a daily basis!

Dr. Farran is the author of several dental practice management articles and multiple video series. His experience ranges from all aspects of practice management, including business planning, operations and finance, to e-commerce business and Internet marketing.

Visit his personal website www.howardfarran.com. Please also check out his book “Uncomplicated Business” on Amazon found under the “book” section of his website.

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