Melissa has spent the last 30 years working and perfecting a system to manage dental insurance within a dental office. She is the boss at her husbands dental practice in Virginia Beach running a 2.8 million dollar operation. Needless to say, she knows her stuff!

During this episode Melissa shares her system on how to reduce time spent managing insurance functions and more time on patient care. She believes that data is key and the right data entered into the practice management program can save you time, a lot of time, on insurance administration. A few items she talks about include:

* The power of pre-authorizations
* Locator codes (we’ll have her on again to elaborate more on this)
* Techinques to better identify patient benefits according to specific employers and patient ranking within the employer
* Dealing with downgrades
* Reducing statements

We were so blown away at the knowledge Melissa has to share that we are going to invite her for a second interview in the coming weeks. Melissa is also a professional practice management coach that is one of the best in the industry on helping doctors create a system to better manage dental insurance within the office. While she is not taking new clients at this time, keep her contacts as she will be expanding soon.

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