Dr. Brady Frank is a fan favorite! He is an international lecturer who focuses on implant placement and transitions. He operates a successful practice in Medford Oregon and has a following of over 1000 practitioners who seek his advice on both placement of implants and dental transitions.

His latest project has been finding ways to legally leverage strength in numbers to allow solo practitioners to fairly compete against corporate DSO’s. He introduces a DSO concept for solo practitioners that allow the “small guys” to obtain the same negotiating leverage inherent with large DSO’s. The main objective in creating a DSO model for solo practitioners is to alleviate the stress of running and operating a dental practice to allow dentists to focus on what they love most, dentistry.

To learn more about Dr. Frank’s lectures and material visit his website: osteoready.com.
To contact Dr. Frank directly email him at bradyfrank74@gmail.com.

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