When we say minor, he billed 3 million dollars and was found guilty of overbilling $17,000. To us, that’s a minor coding mistake that can be easily corrected and refunded to the right entities involved. However, he spent 3 years in prison, lost his dental license, then another 5 years of probation for a mistake we all make with coding. Dr Shelburne shares his experience in how his life was completely ruined by something we all overlook in dental offices. His message is a powerful one in that we all need to take a second look at how we do things in business. From documentation to higher coding standards, Dr. Shelburne sheds light on the true reality and liability of relaxed business standards, especially when it comes to dealing with patients who have insurance or other 3rd party payor support.


To contact Dr. Shelburne you can email him at roy_shelburne@yahoo.com.

His website is www.royshelburne.com.


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