David Harris is Prosperident’s Chief Executive Officer.

Overcoming a troubled adolescence, David Harris has become Dentistry’s Embezzlement Expert.

David founded the company that became Prosperident in 1989, and built it into the world’s largest firm specializing in the investigation of financial crimes committed against dentists. Prosperident’s team of specialized investigators is consulted on hundreds of frauds annually committed against both general dentists and dental specialists.

David is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a licensed private investigator. He has a graduate degree in applied mathematics and a CPA.

David also belongs to several organizations for dental consultants and speakers.

David has been interviewed on the subject of embezzlement by every leading dental publication. He is also a prolific writer and authors a dozen or more articles annually that appear in major dental publications. David has lectured at universities in three countries in the faculties of business, law and dentistry.

In addition to his investigative successes, David in considerable demand as a speaker. He normally speaks to dental audiences fifty or more times per year and has been described as a highly entertaining and engaging speaker who draws on a vast amount of experience in his field. For more information on having David as a speaker, please click HERE.

David says that his favorite moment is hearing the noise that a prison cell door makes when it clicks shut on an embezzler.

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