In this BoomCloud mini series we talk about the importance in marketing. Most practices start membership programs and do nothing to market and promote their program. Marketing is essential to get a ROI (return on investment) from your program.

About Kiera

Starting out as an assistant in California, Kiera found her niche and knew she connected well with patients, doctors and staff. With this knowledge, Kiera advanced her career to working front office, followed by working at Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine for three years, then helping a Midwestern University graduate start her own practices straight out of dental school, to finally opening her own company to help several doctors reach their highest potential. Knowing firsthand what it takes to be an assistant, front office, office manager, dental student, and owning and buying dental practices, Kiera has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she will bring to you and your office in a fun, practical way that delivers impressive results time and time again.

About Jordon

Jordon Comstock has been in the dental industry for over 10 Years. He started out managing his family’s dental lab in Salt lake City, Utah. Jordon Studied Business, Marketing, UX/UI design at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City. As he was managing the lab, he built a sales and marketing department from scratch and helped grow its revenue by 165%. He also oversaw the finacial department and helped create systems and reporting to help the compnay understand the numbers.
Jordon was introduced to the concept of an in-house membership program by some of the lab’s clients. Jordon has always been an entrepreneur since an early age and has started 4 different start up companies. He became curious about how practices were managing a membership program. He quickly realized that practices needed a system to manage a program and began sketching out the initial design for BoomCloud in 2013.

Jordon has expirience growing start ups from the ground up. He is a bootstrap entreprenuer and understands how to grow a company without 3rd party funding.
Jordon’s main goal is to help as many practices as he can using BoomCloud to help grow practices, create recurring revenue for them and reduce dependence with insurance comapaies. He truly cares from his team, customers and products.