Dr. Amy Cook is a general dentist in Auburn where she has practiced since 2006. She serves as a delegate for the American Dental Association, Washington State Dental Association, and the Seattle-King County Dental Society. In addition, Dr. Cook lobbies in Olympia regarding important dental legislation and drafted the origin of a piece of legislation that passed unanimously through the Washington State House and Senate in 2015.

She has served on the Executive Council for the Seattle-King County Dental Society, and currently serves on the the South King Multicare Foundation Board, and the Blue Ribbon Committee for a Healthy Auburn. Dr. Cook actively promotes access to care for our poor and vulnerable populations by treating patients thru Donated Dental Services for the Disabled, Domestic Abuse Women’s Network, Medicaid patients, Alzheimer’s patients, and veterans. She is currently working with the Wa State Dental Association, DEA, and NWHIDTA to raise awareness among dentists and dental patients regarding use of the PMP, safe prescribing practices, and reducing diversion in our communities.

During this episode Dr. Cook talks about how Delta bullied her with the threat of placing her on Delta’s focus review. Dr Cook took her frustration against Delta and helped to create legislation in the state of Washington that forces insurance carriers to be more transparent with where insurance premium dollars are spent. She’s an example of how a single doctor can make a huge impact in advocating on behalf of dentists who are dealing with insurance crap day in and day out.

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