Brian Hanks is a dental accountant and works exclusively with buyers of dental practices. He’s the author of the cleverly titled book, “How to Buy a Dental Practice – Volume 1” and owns and operates his own consulting business exclusively for dentists, and exclusively for dentists at In the past, he’s worked for two dental CPA firms, is a Certified Financial Planner. He has an undergraduate degree in business from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

During this episode Brian talks about market conditions for buyers. He also discusses some of the common mistakes and pitfalls when it comes to PPO contracting/credentialing when making a purchase. He also gives insight on what type of practice you should look for (Medicare, PPO, fee for service). Brian also introduces his second book titled “How to Buy a Dental Practice – Volume 2.” To purchase a copy of his book on Amazon click on this link:…tep/dp/1544112114

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