Brandyn is a CADCAM CEREC Digital Impression Specialist at Patterson Dental Supply. We’ve known him for years and have been to many dental meetings and conferences with Brandyn in recent years. He’s a true expert when it comes to CADCAM and CEREC. During this episode Brandyn talks about the advances in technology within the dental industry. Jordon and Ben explain how insurance should not and cannot prevent you from obtaining fees for using technology that allows you to provide treatment that is above and beyond standard insurance coverage. They discuss the HITECH act and how this law is designed to employer patients with the legal authority to receive treatment that they want and need and having that treatment protected from insurance scrutiny and abuse. Ben explains the do’s and don’ts in using insurance waivers and how to best implement an insurance waiver if you are using advanced technology such as CADCAM or CEREC. The objective behind using an insurance waiver is to allow the patient to receive these advanced forms of treatment that may not fully be covered by their dental insurance plan, while allowing doctors to collect an appropriate fee that is commensurate with the quality of dentistry being delivered.

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