Benjamin Dangel is a Staff Accountant at Hinrich and Pesavento. Our expertise goes far beyond financial advisement. H+P has been providing dental professionals with exceptional tax, accounting, and business strategy consulting since 2015. As the premier dental CPA firm in the Midwest, H+P’s vast knowledge of the dental industry-focused client service, and unmatched ability to consult in every aspect of a client’s practice has led to explosive growth since the firm’s inception. With clients all across the United States, Hinrichs+Pesavento has become one of the most trusted names in the industry.

What makes H+P unique? Well… everything. Our firm utilizes the latest in technology and convenience to provide the greatest experience for our clients. We provide tax, bookkeeping, and accounting services. All CPA’s do that. H+P is one of a very select few, internationally, to be trained and certified in Profit First. For our clients, this means maximum profitability and effective cash flow management. We want our clients to feel calm, confident, and in control of their practice. Profit First allows us to do just that through its proven, time-tested methodology.


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