Since 1988, Bob Spiel has been helping businesses and practices achieve increased production, profitability and personal enjoyment. With an MBA in Finance and General Management and post graduate work at Stanford and Georgia Tech, Spiel Consulting was founded to leverage Bob’s passion for working closely with health care professionals – guiding them toward even greater professional and personal success, bottom line results and practice growth. During his years in private industry Bob served as a Financial Analyst and then as an Operations Director for industry-leading large cap and mid cap companies. There he played an instrumental role by transforming crisis-laden projects and operation into smooth running, profitable machines. Using a leadership-focused, process driven approach these skills allowed him to miraculously turn around a failed hospital and failing surgical center. As a practice consultant he has helped multiple clients achieve impressive results like returning failed practices to profitability or realizing very dramatic growth.

During this episode Bob shares some of his leadership philosophies found in his book “Flip Your Focus.” He shares his insight on how many styles of leadership can be improved in a way that allows you to use non-traditional methods to motivate your team and lead them to success. He believes that you should delegate just about everything, except for your vision, direction, and pace. Bob talks about how to create a culture of participation among your teams and inspiring them to become leaders themselves.

Closer to the end of this episode, Ben gives a sneak peak about his next hit article that will be published through Dental Economics. Ben talks about the power of pre-authorizations and how doctors can lead their teams to implementing new strategies, such as pre-authorizations. Well, Bob gives the leadership perspective, Ben talks about his new discovery in the pre-auths and why all offices should impellent a full pre-auth policy in their practices.

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