Katherine Eitel (Eye-Tell) Belt is an international speaker, communication coach, and the CEO of LionSpeak … a company dedicated to teaching un-scripted, consistently exceptional communication skills.

Today, Katherine will show us how to create a crystal-clear message and inspire our patients and team members to action every time we speak… to build a stronger practice, empowered team, and accelerate our own careers.

And Katherine can definitely spot good communicators! She has evaluated over 2,000 mystery shopper calls, coached over 100 speakers, and consulted for companies such as Care Credit, Henry Schein, Patterson, and Philips Oral Healthcare. She’s a Spotlight-on-Speaking Champion and the recipient of the Linda Miles Spirit Award.

An interesting fact about Katherine: She’s a transplanted Texan living in Southern California, but she is still very much a country girl at heart! She and her husband, Tom, live on seven acres where they raise pastured, free-range chickens and spend a lot of time creating innovative ways to keep a very tenacious weasel out of the chicken coop! Here to talk to us about how to bring that same level of tenacity and innovation to our own life and business, please help me welcome Mrs. Katherine Eitel Belt!

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